Glass Manufacturing Furnace Rebuild

Project Size: 5.9 Million

This project involved a rebuild of a 250 ton gas fired regenerative furnace which included the demolition, upgrading and replacement of the furnace and supporting equipment and systems.

Scope of Work – General Contractor, Construction Manager:
Demolition and installation of refractory, steel, structural support steel, platforms, mechanical and electrical systems for the furnace, forehearths, regenerators, distributor, batch charging, including air and water cooling systems, gas, air, boost, electrodes, instrumentation, controls and power distribution.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas

Project Size: 10 Million

This 1.2 billion dollar investment in a new 2 million square feet vehicle assembly plant produces the full size Tundra pickup with an annual capacity of 200,000 units.

Scope of Work – Fabrication and Installation:
Booth, ASH and RTO duct, E Coat / Phosphate piping, misc booths, platforms and equipment structural steel, oven modules, Robots, process piping, setting equipment and stacks.

Nissan Mississippi

Project Size: 6 Million

This 1.5 billion dollar , 2.5 million square foot , new plant investment builds full-size pickup trucks, full-size sport utility vehicles for the Nissan and Infiniti lines, and the next generation Nissan Quest minivan for the North American Market. Annual production capacity is 400,000 vehicles.

Scope of Work - Fabrication and Installation:
Booth, Oven , ASH and RTO duct, E Coat / Phosphate piping internal and external, helo installation of Air Supply Houses, platforms and equipment structural steel, clean room and sealer duct, robots, process piping.

Glass Plants Manufacturing Process Improvements Program

Project Size: 6 Million

Involves three comprehensive hot end and cold end modernizations and rebuilds with supporting systems at three plants, and significant improvements at many other plant locations.

Scope of Work – Mechanical Design Build Fabrication & Installation:
Demolition and installation oxy-fuel systems, furnace piping, cooling systems, furnace sheet metal, throats, refiners, forehearths, machine piping and cooling.


Honda Motor Manufacturing North America

Project Size: 4 Million

This 1.1 billion dollar, 2.8 million square foot, new plant investment builds the Odyssey minivan for the North American Market. Annual production capacity is 300,000 vehicles.

Scope of Work – Fabrication and Installation:
190,000 CFM Air Supply Houses with fans & ductwork, Phosphate & E Coat piping and platforms , Booth duct, DI Water piping, rinse tanks, exhaust duct & pumps, Paint Robots, roof-top hellos installation of environmental stacks and duct, steel platforms for tanks & pumps, RUB rails for E Coat tank, installation of E Coat process and installation of pump stations.

Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Department of Energy

Project Size: 5.5 Million

This cutting edge technology project provides the most intense pulsed neutron beams in the world for scientific research and industrial development.

Scope of Work - Fabrication & Installation of Site Utilities:
Piping, above & below ground, pre coated and pre-insulated, up to 24” carbon, chill, tower, and heating water, natural gas, process waste, exhaust duck, condensate, sanitary, fire protection, up to 40”, water boost and grinder pump stations, helium piping, stainless, up to 12”.